10 Things I Admire About You


10 Things I Admire About You

I can't contain my admiration for other family caregivers to six words.

I have met other family caregivers here who have succeeded and failed, laughed and cried, attempted and given up, resolved and resigned, shared and withheld.

You have flown to the moon with hope and stared into the black abyss.

For however long or however short, you thought you could improve, stabilize, bring comfort to another person's life. It might have worked or not, but you tried hard enough to see caregiving as an identity or you wouldn't be here in the first place, looking for help, solace, companionship, support.

There will always be family caregivers who appear to care effortlessly, and those whose journey is like a bumpy wagon train though the Grand Canyon. I admire each and every person who steps up to the plate, doesn't let the "I can't", "I don't know how", and "I'm not available right now" get in the way, and honestly tries, regardless of the result.


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Just. Wow.


Absolutely and profoundly beautiful, Jan!


I so agree, Jan. We often think the outcome determines our success. In caregiving, it's staying the course, no matter how rocky or bumpy, that should be celebrated. When you stay and see it through, you succeed.