10 Tips for Caregivers Living in a Caree's Home


10 Tips for Caregivers Living in a Caree's Home

Packing_and_Moving.svg.medI will try to share our story with 10 Tips that one should consider when moving into a caree's home. Our experience was moving in with my Grandmother, 89 at the time, into her home of 50 years.

1. Give some time for consideration as you talk with your caree about moving in, maybe a month if possible. They will need to own that decision.

2. Take seriously how much change is involved for you as you may have an indefinite time of not having your own things.

3. Make sure you have your own space in the home while respecting your caree's space. Do not change their furniture to accommodate yours even if they say that is what they want. You will probably have to account for that "missing" furniture at some point in your future!

4. Be flexible and don't throw anything out right away. Set it in the rafters in the garage if you have to just to see if the decision by you or your caree really is final.

5. Gradual changes are received much easier even when a hazard. We had throw rugs that the nurse wanted us to remove because of trip hazards. I started with the worst one and now three years later have one left out of the 5 trip hazards.

6. Allow your caree all the independence they can handle even if they struggle or don't want to do things, such as fold laundry, put away dishes, set the table, etc. Allow for more time (patience).

7. I find keeping her pill box and a seven-day calendar at Grandma's place at the table for her to see her pills and our schedule, such as when we will be home for lunch, dinner or out for respite.

8. Find ways to get out of the house, overnight, for at least a weekend every four months for personal time with your significant other or quiet time alone.

9. Make sure you have a support team beside your spouse if you are married.

10. Use humor generously as you will find that the habits ingrained for 50+ years will drive you crazy! Humor brings out the best in your caree and makes your day much smoother.

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