10 Tips for Family Caregivers: Preparing for Appointments


10 Tips for Family Caregivers: Preparing for Appointments

Waiting_Room_First_Floor(Editor's Note: Our next set of tips in our 10 Tips a Day for Family Caregivers initiative come from @G-J, who shared these tips in our free eBook, After the Diagnosis.)

A new diagnosis can mean lot of appointments, especially in the beginning. Prepare at least a day in advance for any scheduled medical visits. It helps to have a bag designated as the one you take to appointments so you don’t have to think about what to use each time. This list will help you pull together all the items you will need.

  • Directions to the appointment

  • The phone number for the office you are visiting

  • Notebook you use for taking notes at the appointment

  • Working pen and a back up

  • Approved referral if needed for the visit

  • List of all current prescription and non-prescription medications

  • Any charts or lists you have been keeping regarding behavior, exercise, changes in symptoms and similar items

  • A list of questions you have for the medical professional you will be seeing

  • Your calendar so you can schedule the next appointment

For you and your caree:

  • A light jacket or long-sleeved shirt since waiting rooms can be cool

  • A magazine or book to read while waiting

  • A snack which can be eaten outside or in the car before or after the appointment

  • Water

In addition, to help the visit go smoother:

  • Review prior notes before the visit

  • Think about your goal for this visit

  • Call in advance to see if there is anything you need to bring or be prepared for at this visit.

What tips would you add? Please share your suggestions in our comments section, below.

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