10 Wishes for You


10 Wishes for You

My father worked for Sears for many years as the editor of the catalog. Year after year, he worked with others to create the Wish Book, a catalog of all we could ever hope to receive. Taking a page from his book, I've created a wish list just for you.

I wish you pants that always fit. One day, they do and then it seems one day they don't. I hope the day they don't doesn't arrive. You deserve pants that fit.

I wish you clean laundry, at least for a day. The piles of laundry can seem to taunt, planting an insidious thought in your heart that follows you: "Clean us." I hope you have one day that gives you empty laundry baskets and hampers.

I wish you a full heart, at least for a day. Our heart can break over and over during caregiving. For one day, I wish you a heart that feels so full you can feel the love.

I wish you a bank account that gives. The bank account seems to take more than its share -- the bills, the debts, the payments seem so needy. I wish you a time that the bank account gives to you and you have the freedom to enjoy, simply enjoy.

I wish you a good night's sleep. At night, we close our eyes but we stay ready, just in case. I wish you true sleep, a sleep without even one worry.

I wish you a dream that comes true. Our dreams seem to take a back seat as we put other priorities in the front. Your dreams, though, deserve center stage. I wish you a dream come true.

I wish you a satisfying outcome to your hard work. We work hard and sometimes wonder where the hard work gets us. I wish you an opportunity to see exactly where the hard work leads and the time to peacefully be with it.

I wish you an unexpected blessing. We hope so much for something better. I hope better arrives in a blessing that you didn't see coming but can embrace fully upon its arrival.

I wish you a solution. You look, you research, you ask. Sometimes, the solution just doesn't seem to exist. I wish you a solution that resolves the problem.

I wish you a miracle. I wish you a moment that, when you look around, you smile with gratitude because truly the miracle happened, just for you.

What wish would you add to my list?

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