11 Reasons to Take a Pass on Sunday


11 Reasons to Take a Pass on Sunday

breakfast-867822_640Every Sunday, beginning October 25, we're going to take a free pass--even if for just a few moments--on what feels like caregiving drudgery.

Oh, no, you may think. I can't do that. I'll get so far behind and it will all pile up and I'll be up all night doing what I didn't do. I couldn't possibly.

So, I've got 11 reasons why it's a good idea to take a pass, even just a little one, on caregiving drudgery on Sundays.

1. Only football players and announcers at football games should work on Sundays. So, unless you're organizing a game of flag football on your lawn, it's okay to kick back for a few moments.

2. When we get to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter won't deny us entry because of the dust bunnies we left in our bedroom. He'll let us in because of our patience, which we kept because we gave ourselves a break on Sundays.

3. The mailman doesn't deliver on Sunday. So, we don't have to, either.

4. Once in awhile, pajamas deserve to see the light of day and be promoted to day wear.

5. When you can, you can decide to go radio silent--not utter a word--about bowel movements, blood pressure and pressure sores.

6. Close the curtains on the theatrics, giving the family's best actors--those responsible for all that drama--a rest. Broadway goes dark a few days a week. So it's okay if you do, too. When the drama starts, simply turn the channel.

7. Your stove and refrigerator will thank you for closing the kitchen for a meal. Instead, eat out or bring in.

8. Your wisdom is anxious to share a recent revelation. But, wisdom can't catch you because you're always doing. When you stop--truly stop--you'll learn what could help your days get better.

9. The flurry of activity in your day kinda lets guilt win--you buy into the idea that you aren't doing enough so you keep doing more. Hang guilt in your closet for the day. Once it's out of the way, you'll be able to see you do enough. You are enough.

10. Everyone deserves to reconnect with normal once in awhile. And, normal means you sit down, break out the Sunday newspaper and relax.

11. An unmade bed gives the angels, who come down to give you that invisible hand, a soft place to land.

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Yes I agree, otherwise is that all we are here for? Guilt\nSuch a useless thing... But hard to shake off\nThere is so much that needs doing even if it is mundane and life is passing us by while we care.....who cares for us?