11 Ways You Are the Leader


11 Ways You Are the Leader

map-of-the-world-429784_640You can feel like the servant, the second-class citizen.

You actually are the leader of your caregiving experience. Everyone can see you lead -- I just want to make sure that you know that you do.

Here's how you lead:

  1. You make difficult and heartbreaking decisions that would humble our world's leaders. And, you make these decisions as often as you need.

  2. You stay with the the problem until you find the solution. That's the kind of tenacity that Steve Jobs used to turn around Apple.

  3. You prevent WWIII on every holiday that the family gathers. You broker peace like the best of them.

  4. You defend those who cannot defend themselves --like your caree -- ensuring they receive the best care possible. You do now what Eleanor Roosevelt did then.

  5. You diplomatically move through red tape and bureaucracy to receive what you and your caree need. You would inspire Jimmy Carter.

  6. You set and stick to the budget, stretching the dollars better than any Fortune 500 executive.

  7. You delegate with such grace that those who receive your orders think they just had a brilliant idea to help you. Our presidential candidates could take a page from your play book.

  8. You motivate those who help you as well as your caree to do their best and be their best. Tony Robbins could take some training from you.

  9. You receive what you need -- whether it be a break or help or an idea -- because receiving ensures you can continue to give. You could stand on the stage with Joel Osteen.

  10. You may not swing a golf club as often as you'd like but you sure can swing a transport chair into the trunk of your car. If wheelchair pushing, closing and opening were an Olympic sport, you'd win the gold medal.

  11. You inspire others to take control and to take command. Move over, Captain Kirk, we've got a family caregiver in charge of the USS Caregiving Enterprise.

What would you add to my list?

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