12 Reasons Why You Can Forgive Yourself


12 Reasons Why You Can Forgive Yourself

tulip-1031514_640Maybe it happened yesterday. Perhaps it happened decades ago. Maybe it just happened five minutes ago.

You did something or said something that you regret. You just can't stop kicking yourself. It's like you're stuck watching a movie, a movie that stars you doing or saying what you so wish you hadn't done or said.

You just can't forgive yourself.

I hope you can, though. Because if anyone deserves forgiveness, it's you. Here's why:

  1. You are such a good person. Because of your goodness, you worry so much when another person hurts. You're hurting now, too. Forgiving yourself helps you get over your hurt.

  2. Not forgiving yourself keeps you in the past. You've got too much to do in the present to waste time in the past. You want to make the most of each moment. Release yourself from yesterday so you can be fully present today -- forgive yourself.

  3. Holding on to what happened feels like it can change what happened. But, it doesn't. It only keeps you in the place of pain. You can't change what happened. But you can change this moment. Forgiving yourself is the best change you can create right now.

  4. When we forgive ourselves, we keep our heart warm. When we resist forgiving ourselves, we let our heart get cold. And, a cold heart can't feel joyful moments. You have joyful moments coming. You want to be ready to fully embrace them.

  5. When you forgive yourself, you give yourself a chance to do better next time. When you do better next time, you make moments you truly will want to remember.

  6. You leave footprints all around you. When you leave a forgiveness footprint, you teach the importance of forgiveness. It's one of the best life lessons you can pass on.

  7. When you fight forgiveness, you turn toward bitterness. You don't want to flavor the sweet experiences you will have with a shake of bitterness. Be prepared to savor the sweet -- forgive yourself.

  8. You made one mistake. Avoid a second mistake -- forgive yourself.

  9. It's okay that you did or said something you wish you hadn't. You can apologize with a letter or phone call. And, it's never too late to apologize.

  10. When you can't forgive, you also can't laugh. And, oh, there's so much to laugh about, especially ourselves. A day without laughter is a really long day. Give yourself the gift of a good laugh -- forgive yourself.

  11. You do so much, day after day, for so many. The best thing you can do today is forgive yourself.

  12. We are made to be perfectly imperfect. We all make mistakes. It's okay that you are human like the rest of us. Your humanity is what we love about you.

What would you add to my list? And, for what will you forgive yourself?

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I can forgive myself because I need too . Sometimes i feel alone Care givng can be hard when you dont have anyone to take your place