12 Reasons You Will Get Through This


12 Reasons You Will Get Through This

waterfall-828948_640You stand in the middle of it -- the chaos, the drama, the blaming, the mistakes, the declines. You're in it so thick that you can't seem to see five feet ahead of you. You can't help but think, "How am I going to get through this?"

You will get through this; here's why.

1. You didn't cause the situation; you are simply doing your best to improve it. Because your focus is on better, better will find you.

2. While standing in the middle of it feels awful, it also gives you a complete view. You can see all sides, which means you'll find the side that takes you to the other side.

3. You're looking for the right next step, understanding the right next step isn't just about you. Because of this insight, you will not proceed selfishly. You'll move forward with empathy and that empathy will garner you support.

4. You made it this far which means you have the tenacity and wisdom to continue.

5. You can't be in the middle without having a forgiving heart. Grudges will cement you in quick sand. Your forgiveness will release you and lighten your load.

6. Because of what you've already been through, you understand the saying, "This too shall pass," better than anyone. You will pass through because you know that only what's truly important will remain. The rest simply disappears.

7. You can't still stand without a sense of humor. Your ability to find the funny ensures you will ease the tension, which will clear the path for you.

8. You see through to find what's truly valuable, avoiding the trap most fall into of only valuing what the ego wants to buy or take. You don't get bogged down by what doesn't matter which means you travel lightly, which means you can go the distance.

9. You understand the human spirit because you observe resilience. Because you've watched, you've learned. You are resilient. You will find your footing forward.

10. You've been the recipient of unfortunate unkindness. Interestingly enough, that keeps you kind. Your kindness will bring you unexpected help in ways you could never imagine.

11. You've also been the recipient of incredible kindness. And, that keeps you grateful. Your gratitude means you will receive just what you need when you need it.

12. You realize the importance of your mission which keeps you on your path. You also recognize that letting go is the only way to survive. Because you can let go, you can get through this. Because you can get through this, you will be amazed by all you gained by going through it.

What would you add to my list?

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