13 Wishes in 2013


13 Wishes in 2013

In 2013, I wish for you:

1. Sleep, which shows you your dreams.

2. Imagination, so you can see the possibility of your dreams.

3. Rest, so you can keep your energy for your dreams.

4. Time, so you have the moments you need for your dreams.

5. Support, so you can keep moving forward into your dreams.

6. Boundaries, so you can reign in the weeds, allowing your dreams to branch out.

7. Nourishment, so you can keep your dreams growing.

8. Breaks, so you can keep your perspective on the importance of your dreams.

9. Space, so your dreams have room to gain ground.

10. Light, so you can see your dreams blossom.

11. Horizon, so you can understand how your dreams continue.

12. Voice, so you can tell your dreams what you need.

13. Faith, so you always believe in your dreams.

Wishing you a 2013 that brings to life your life-long dreams.

Happy New Year!

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Hi, It's as EJ says. :) I think in a tough time, our dreams can be the first to leave. It's so important to find them again and keep them. They make us who we are.

Roaring Mouse

Thank you Denise. Hugs & Happy New Year wishes to you too! I hope 2013 will be a bright one for all of us!


Love these, Denise! Happy New Year and Blessings!\r\nI noticed the emphasis on dreams, too. I think it's because as caregivers we so often abandon our dreams, by putting our lives on hold for so long and so severely. And yet, our dreams define us and give us our drive to continue as human beings. We may not be able to enact them as we'd like, but we need to keep that flame within us alive, so that we can go on.