Podcast: Caregiving, Beyond Borders


Podcast: Caregiving, Beyond Borders

The Global Caregiving Virtual Summit, a free event, will take place from January 20-26. More than 60 spakers from 17 countries will share their perspectives and stories about the caregiving experience. In addition, they'll share tools to help you cope and strategies to keep you going.

Kari Henley, Founder, Producer & Host of Age Without Borders, shared why she launched the Global Caregiving Summit and what she learned from the participating speakers in our podcast which aired yesterday. You can listen to our discussion, below.

To get your FREE Pass to the Summit click here: http://awbcaregiving.com

About Kari
Kari is a social entrepreneur and an "aging enthusiast," with decades of experience in startups, virtual content development, international tele-seminars, blogging for the Huffington Post, facilitating for corporate and private clients and private consulting to bring out the best in thought leaders. Kari has a Masters degree in psychology, masters coursework in Organizational leadership, and is passionate about the aging industry's global transformation.

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I am going to do my best to be as present as often as possible. I learned from watching some of the conference recently held in Chicago that participating online and real time is very different than trying to get the information later. I felt more involved even though I was in North Carolina. Also, I am stoked about hearing about the caregiver role and challenges in other countries.