15 Reasons You Make the World Better


15 Reasons You Make the World Better

oxeye-583413_640Sometimes, you're so busy looking down at the task at hand that all you see is the length of your To Do list. Today, look up for a moment to see the difference you make in our world.

1. You make us laugh. Just take a look at the comments @shirl leaves, especially the one last night about insensitive remarks.

2. You make us take action. Some days, the fear wants to keep us on the couch. You inspire us to simply keep going.

3. You make organizations accountable. Larry's advocacy to get the best care possible for his mom benefited every resident at his mom's facility. Who knows who else Larry inspired. (Be sure to connect with Larry through his profile page: @kc9hdp.)

4. You make us courageous. We read what you do--face the day head on no matter how intense the day may be. So, because you do, we do, too.

5. You make us care. Every time you share a caregiving story, we care about you, your caree and your happy ending. We want the best for you.

6. You make us want to show up. Sure, it's daunting to consider what we show up for. You do, though, so we will, too.

7. You make us feel good about swimming in a different direction. While many swim away, you remind us that swimming with a caregiving experience is our right decision.

8. You make us want to try. Consider Mar's story about her husband's skiing trip. You take us from worrying about what we can't do to considering the possibilities of what we can. (Be sure to connect with Mar through her profile page: @marfromwi.)

9. You remind us of the power of our truth. We can worry about the truth of our emotions and our thoughts, believing it's best to keep our truths silent. Telling our truth, though, puts us on the path to healing. Take a look at Chaya's post, Love, or Duty? Read the comments on our posts, When Do You Hate the Caregiving Experience? and What's the Worst Caregiving Emotion? (Be sure to connect with Chaya on her profile page: @lily.)

10. You make us want to be the best we can. And, when we think we weren't at our best, we give ourselves another chance, another day, another fresh start. Lillie jumped right into our Zentangle Art Show contest which inspired me to make my first one on Wednesday. She tried so I did, too. It felt great. (Be sure to connect with Lillie through her profile page: @lillie.)

11. You make us look for art in common situations. Your six-word caregiving stories turn the mundane, the intimidating and the overwhelming into prose.

12. You remind us of the miracle of the moments. After all, our best gift lives in each moment, as @hussy reminds us often with her comments.

13. You teach us how to help you. On a regular basis, I hear from product developers tasked with creating a service or product for family caregivers. They learn from you, which in turns means more family caregivers have tools and solutions which really and truly help.

14 You leave an amazing legacy. When you share, you leave a footprint that shows the world the impact one individual can make. And, when you contribute here, you add stories to one of the Internet's largest libraries of caregiving stories. The story you tell today will help tomorrow's family caregivers.

15. You make us want to see caregiving through to its final moment. When Holly shared her last days with her husband, Dave, we all thought: I want that, too. I want to be present to see this through, no matter how heartbreaking or difficult.

What would you add to my list?

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