16 Things to Say to a Family Caregiver


16 Things to Say to a Family Caregiver

tulip-54125_640Last week, I shared some things to never say to a family caregiver.

This week, let's talk about the things to say to a family caregiver. Here goes:

1. "I've made too much chili. So, I'm running over containers of chili that you can pop in the freezer to use when you need."

2. "I'm running to the grocery store. What can I pick up for you?"

3. "What's worrying you? How can I alleviate some of that worry?"

4. "How can I be a good sounding board for you?"

5. "What do you need?"

6. "I just want to let you know that I completely believe in you. And, I'm so proud of you."

7. "How can I help?"

8. "Let's talk about the holidays. What can we do to make the holidays good for you?"

9. "When's the best time for us to visit?"

10. "How can we help during our visit?"

11. "Thank you. I so appreciate all you do."

12. "Here, let me hold the door for you."

13. "Come over for dinner tomorrow night. We're just ordering pizza and I'd love you and (your caree) to join us."

14. "I'd love to come for dinner tomorrow night. What if I bring the pizza and you make the salad?"

15. "I'm coming over Saturday afternoon to stay with (your caree) so you can take a break."

16. "Here's a $100 Visa gift card. Enjoy!"

What would you add?

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Lisa M

\"I'm stopping for coffee...what can I bring you!?\" THAT would be nice!


\"Listen, don't worry about snowplowing this winter. I've got you covered.\" This actually happened to me. My husband's childhood friend paid for a plow service to clear our driveway all winter long. What a huge relief not to have to worry about being able to get to work and medical appointments on time.


\"I can see how hard you're working at this, and what great care _______ is getting because of everything you do.\"\r\n(I remember when my first daughter was 6 months old, and a stranger commented on how clean she was. That absolutely made my day--hey, it made my century. She's 31 and I still remember it.)


Some of those would be nice to hear, indeed. Though, I'd be careful with those who try to use #5 and #7. They're so generic, it's easy for the caregiver to feel overwhelmed trying to answer such a question.


Thank you Denise! Wonderful list! You get it!

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