17 Reasons Why Caregiving Makes You Awesome


17 Reasons Why Caregiving Makes You Awesome

Caregiving can make you weary and, well, crabby. It also makes you awesome. And, I've got 17 reasons why caregiving makes you awesome.

1. You're a best friend. Because of your caregiving responsibilities, you've lost some friends which means you know how to be a great one. You support and encourage and you stick by a friend when a friend needs one most. Your friends are very lucky to have you.

2. You are open minded because you avoid the danger of assumptions. Others make lots of assumptions about you and your caree which means you know better than to assume. And, because you avoid assumptions, you approach all relationships from a place of acceptance rather than of judgment.

3. You are an achiever because you can make it happen. Every day, you accomplish what others would find impossible to complete. Because you make your days happen, you know how to make life happen.

4. You are fun. To survive caregiving, you learned how to have fun even when your heart felt heavy. And, that means regardless of what's going on, you always bring your laugh. Of all the people in the room, you have the best reason to be a party pooper. But you aren't. You always enjoy the celebration.

5. You are love. You have a huge heart, which means your capacity to give and receive love knows no bounds.

6. You are wisdom. Because you understand that life isn't about what you get but what you give, you live life at a higher level. And, that means you can see what others merely miss.

7. You are precious because you use time wisely. Because your day is so full, you know how to stretch time, making the most of each moment.

8. You are a valuable commodity because you have unique skills and talents. You understand how to work through a system, like heath care, that works against you more than it does with you. You can turn an obstacle into an opportunity. You can go around the locked door to find the open window.

9. You are a treasure. You appreciate what you receive because you know what it's like to go without. That appreciation means you share the abundance.

10. You are trustworthy. You respect boundaries, protect the privacy of others and, most important, you show up. In particular, you show up when everyone else clears out.

11. You are charming. You are down to earth, which means others relate to you easily and connect with you deeply.

12. You are realistic because you understand that life ends, which sounds somewhat simple but is really quite complex. Others live in La-La Land, wasting time and money because they don't understand life's reality. They will be haunted by regrets. You will be rewarded with memories.

13. You are hope because you understand that life ends, which sounds so complex but is really quite simple. You know hope lives in our hearts, which is how you keep hope's candle glowing.

14. You are courageous because you face life's realities, even as your palms sweat and your knees knock. As others turn and run, you stand and face.

15. You are life because you protect life each and every day.

16. You are resilient, because you handled what was which makes you ready for what is.

17. You are blessed because you are trusted to do God's work, right here on earth.

What did I miss? Please share your additional reasons why caregiving makes you awesome in our comments section.

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Thanks so much, Ryan. Happy New Year!


Ah, Pegi, that's so sweet! Thank you so much.\r\n\r\nAnd, the tears are because of No. 5. You are love. :)