18 Wishes for You


18 Wishes for You

As we begin our new year, I wish for you:

Moments of peace so you can move into your next moments with calm.

Moments of joy so you can welcome a reprieve.

Moments of focus so you can decide your next step.

Moments of rest so you have the energy for what's next.

Days of productivity so you can feel your usefulness.

Days of creativity so you can connect to your gifts.

Days of relationships which bring you love.

Days of faith so you can find your resources.

Weeks of receiving what you need so you can stay full of possibilities.

Weeks of having what you want so you can give without going empty.

Weeks of connecting with nature so you understand you can continue.

Weeks of finding your compromise so you can minimize your sacrifices.

Months of courage so you can face those moments of fear.

Months of resolve so you can overcome those moments of doubt.

Months of opportunities to achieve your heart's desire.

Months of believing you are okay and will continue to be just that.

A year of support so you can withstand the challenges.

A year of purpose so you know without a doubt that you and all you do truly matters.

What's your wish for 2018? Tell us in our comments section, below.

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Thanks Denise. Great reminder that it is a journey of moments, days, months, years..it is about life. My wish is a wish of peace with times of relaxation, laughter, confidence and relationships.


Thank you Denise.....Like Lillie, I needed this gift today!

Lillie Fuller

Thank you for this! It's beautiful! I needed this gift today!