19 Things to do in 2019 - Join me?


19 Things to do in 2019 - Join me?

I'm sure many of you read the title and your eyes glazed over. How could you possibly make a list of 19 things you want to do in 2019. Well, before you slump back in your chair, or run to your caree to ask for the umpteenth time, if they need anything - let me assure you. You can do this!

I first heard about this on the Happier Podcast at the beginning of 2018. It was a challenge to listeners. I made my list. I even grabbed a friend, and she did it too. Did I accomplish every single thing? No. But I did accomplish over half of the 18 Things in 2018. My friend - very close to 100%. So, what kinds of things do people put on their lists of things to accomplish? Here are some I heard on the podcast or in comments on the website;

Get rid of all my ill-fitting bras
Host a dinner party
Learn to cook a killer steak
Finally use my outdoor grill
Travel to a new state
Try a spin class
Write a letter to each of my children
Buy a new car
Find the perfect little black dress
Declutter my closet

And the list goes on. You get the idea. Things can cost money or not, or be a mix. But what I challenge you to do is to think about yourself. As caregivers, we just don't do this enough. We hear the comments. "You need to take care of yourself." In fact, sometimes that question really grates on us. We want to scream, "Hooooow?" Or maybe, "OK, you come over here and spend a weekend. You change the sheets multiple times a day. You give the meds all through the night. You feed him. You be the entertainer and keep the social calendar. You change the channel and fix the remote over and over. I'll be at the beach, reading a book and eating potato chips. My biggest problem will be whether to keep my toes on top of the sand, or to dig them under it."

Truth is it's really hard to take care of yourself when you're caring for someone else. But if you drill it down to small things, you might find it's possible. So, is tossing out your ripped, thread-bare underwear actually taking care of yourself? Yes, it is. It's something just for you. It benefits you. And guess what, you'll have to replace those with new undies. Yippee for new bloomers! If you're an in-home caregiver, your goals might be things you can do within the home. Or perhaps you do need a goal that gets you some free time; even 15 minutes.

Challenge yourself. I bet you can come up with 10 Things to Do in 2019 within the next few days. I've started my list on my cell phone with the app Wunderlist. Last year, I tried to sit down on New Year's Eve. It didn't work. So, this year, I'm thinking about it now.  After you make your list, post it somewhere. One thing that kept surprising me is that I ended up doing things and then later looking at my list and realizing I'd done it. A good example of this was the goal to "Star Gaze." My list was on my bedroom mirror but I'd long since kinda quit reading it. But one night, my granddaughter was spending the night and we were outside when the stars started to show. We got a blanket, leaned the chair back and laid there gazing and talking about the stars. Many weeks later, I realized I'd done what was on the list. Having your list visible is powerful.

Our 19 in 19 might look different than the average person. Feel free to share below. I'm always looking for new ideas. And if 19 sounds too large, choose 9. There are no rules. The hope is that for just a few moments of your day, a few minutes of your week, that you do something that's just for you.

Whatever your plans for the new year, I hope you manage to get a little ME TIME.


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Oh boy, has this year flown by! How's your list looking? I haven't crossed of half of my intentions yet. But I'm not throwing in the towel yet. How about you? And if you didn't join, you have three months. Make a 3 month list of intentions now, and let's check in at the end of the year. We can do this! YOU are worth it!


Anybody want to check in and share a few of the intentions on your list? I'll share three. 1) Pick a photo project and begin. 2) Plant a cut flower garden. 3) Learn to fold an origami bird. \n\nI haven't accomplished any of the intentions (I like that better than \"goal\") yet, but I did get the list written up and it's on the back-side of my bedroom door. I feel like I should be able to cross that off.\n\n#20 Make a list of 19 Things to do in 2019. CHECK!\n\nI'd love to hear a few from your list. ~Karen


I am in...I think the most important part is to not beat myself if they are not all accomplished.


Count me in! I will try.



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