2 Coffee Pot Day


2 Coffee Pot Day

Hubby had a busy night last night.

Many shuffling trips to the kitchen to raid the refrigerator and of course needing all the support he can get by leaning on various noise producing things.
Scooting chairs,
frig doors with misc jar items in them,
fully top loaded dressers with clinking things on them (UGH note to self, CLEAN OFF THE DRESSER!)
the foot of the bed where MY FEET ARE! Both ways. Although this wasn't noise producing the wakening seemed unnecessary.

Lewy body causes Hubby to shake without control. So when he clutches the bed it's almost like having a vibrating bed. That used to be fun when I was young. Not so much now.

So after Hubby tires of the kitchen trips he decides to raid his candy drawer.
Candy that has rattling wrappers. Wrappers that have been glued with never get it open in the night glue!
Hubby fought the candy for what seemed an eternity until I wanted to throw the candy out the back door!

So needless to say, my night was busy too and my interrupted sleep made for a cranky Kathy this morning.

To add to my attitude I had forgotten to set the timer on my coffee pot. This means I must wait for my coffee instead of it waiting for me in the morning.
At this point I am not sure who I am more annoyed with, Lewy or myself.

Yes, I know I have a bad morning coffeeless attitude, and no, I don't intend to do anything about fixing it. So deal or stay away until I have had at least the first cup. ;-)

But does Lewy remember this? NO! Lewy rises and makes a trip to the bathroom. Then he sits on the side of the bed and wants to know where his coffee and sausage biscuit are.
Are you kidding me?!
You walked all night getting things for yourself and now you are placing orders?!
Well I will have you know right now that I took a deep breath, sighed, and grumpily mumbled, ok as I retrieved his breakfast.

Proverbs 15 :1 A gentle answer turns away wrath,  but a harsh word stirs up anger.

I hope low tone mumble counted as soft.
In the 60 seconds it took to get his coffee and bisc, (and my second cup) I recalled a time Hubby woke up and asked me what time they served breakfast around here not realizing he was in his own home. Maybe this was a time like that.


By the afternoon the coffee had already made its internal round and bathroom trip so all was well with the world again. :)

Hubby has been quiet and or sleeping.
After a bathroom trip he decided to put on a pair of shorts that had buttons.
I watched him attempt to button them for close to 15 mins.
It saddened my heart to see his struggle. I weigh heavy the options of when to help and when not to. I don't think I'll ever master that decision making.
Finally frustrated Hubby announced, "Well I can't get these things done."
I offered to help which he accepted gladly.
He then sat down on the end of the bed and in a disgusted and defeated tone said, "And I think I can ride a bicycle."
I looked right at him and smiled real big and told him, "Well, Honey, we all need to dream."
He thought this was quite funny and started laughing and said, "I guess you're right."
Then in a matter of fact tone, I added, "Of course I am."
A remark that made us both laugh.