21st Birthday Party: Forgive


21st Birthday Party: Forgive

Every day this week, we’re celebrating Caregiving.com’s 21st birthday with activities and prizes, including grand prizes which include a free seat at an upcoming Certified Caregiving Consultant training program and care packages which include sessions with two of our Certified Caregiving Consultants.

Today, we’re breaking to disrupt our life with forgiveness.

I think we all carry a regret or a shame. Maybe it’s not something we think about every day or every week, but once in awhile, the memory comes up. And, we can feel that memory begin to control who we are. The memory haunts, belittles, controls. It’s awful.

So, today, let’s forgive ourselves for what we we wish we would have done differently or better or not at all. Let’s disrupt our lives by being to kind to ourselves, by realizing we’re doing the best we can and by letting a second chance, rather than a past regret, rule our day.

Here’s mine: I forgive myself for the mistakes I make as I do my best to continue.

Then, share your forgiveness in our comments section, below. I’ll choose a random winner to receive a free two-day registration for a family caregiver or former family caregiver to our upcoming Second Annual National Caregiving Conference on November 10 and 11 in Chicago.

Today, let’s let forgiveness change our life.

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Congrats to Bab, who won registration to our conference!


Today I forgive myself for placing us in financial hardship by spending recklessly.

Lillie Fuller

I forgive myself for the 20 years of my life I flushed down the toilet, due to being a drug addict.