21st Birthday Party: Take a Risk


21st Birthday Party: Take a Risk

Every day this week, we’re celebrating Caregiving.com’s 21st birthday with activities and prizes, including grand prizes which include a free seat at an upcoming Certified Caregiving Consultant training program and care packages which include sessions with two of our Certified Caregiving Consultants.

Today, we’re celebrating and breaking to disrupt our destiny by taking a risk. It could be a little risk or a giant one. It could be saying “hello” to a stranger or confiding in a trusted source what’s been weighing on your heart for way too long. It could be saying “Yes” to an action or a relationship which terrifies you because it moves you out of your comfort zone or saying “No” to an action or relationship which no longer fits in your life.

Once you decide on your risk, let us know in our comments section. When you post a comment here, you’ll be entered into a chance to win a free virtual registration to watch the live streaming of our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference on November 10 and 11 in Chicago plus one free Organized Prescription List OR one Custom Daily Communication Log Sheet from Certified Caregiving Consultant Vivian Geary. A 30-minute consultation is included.

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Lillie Fuller

Sorry I missed it. The whole day yesterday was a risk for me.


I took a risk today as I made the first phone call to a volunteer who is hosting an event in her area in support of the AFTD Food For Thought 2017 campaign. I am a volunteer to provide support and answer for the hosts that are assigned to me. It is a first for me. I am excited and way out of my comfort zone at the moment. It is fun to take healthy risks and to, hopefully, be a part of making a difference for others like myself.