22nd Birthday Party: Share a Memory


22nd Birthday Party: Share a Memory

Every day this week, we’re celebrating Caregiving.com’s 22nd birthday with activities and prizes, including a free seat at an upcoming Certified Caregiving Consultant training program.

Today, we’re celebrating in honor of your carees by sharing a favorite memory or story.

What’s the memory of your caree, during good health, that you treasure the most? What’s your favorite story about your caree? What memory of your caree will you hold dear for years to come?

Share a memory in our comments section, below. I’ll choose two random winners to receive one of our daily gifts:

  • Free three-day registration and a discounted meal package for a family caregiver or former family caregiver to our upcoming Third Annual National Caregiving Conference which takes place Nov. 8-11 in Chicago;

  • Our Caregiving Comfort eBook Pack which includes PDFs of Denise’s books: “The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey,” “Take Even More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers” and “After Caregiving Ends, a Guide to Beginning Again.”

I’m looking forward to reading your fun facts!

(Would you like to give back? We’re raising money to send 10 family caregivers in need to our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference. Your donation (any amount helps!) can give those who care a caring break. Thank you for whatever you can give!)

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My favorite memory of Robert will always be the day we took a short ferry ride to an island near our coast. Robert heard the fishing was great and he wanted to catch a big Spanish mackerel. It was a lovely day. The tide was strong. Robert got his gear ready and cast out into the surf. Within seconds his fishing rod bent with the weight of a catch. As he reeled in the fish he became more and more excited. When he landed the fish it was a huge Spanish mackerel. He and I were the only ones on that stretch of the beach. Before I knew it he had taken the fish off the rod and was running up and down the beach showing that fish while yelling, \"Major, dude! Major!\" I will forever see him running up and down the beach so full of excitement and joy. For a short time, Robert was a young boy overcome with his catch and telling the world.

Lillie Fuller

I have lots of memories of my brother and sister in law. Most are not good. We didn't always get along. I think the fondest memory I have was them taking me to my first concert. I had just graduated high school and that was my gift. We went to an outdoor concert, Mountain Aire 1976, saw Poco, Pure Prairie League and Seals and Crofts. It was my first concert so needless to say I was in shock. There were so many people there, drugs and alcohol in abundance. My brother and sister laughed at me.

Rachel Hiles

Some of favorite memories of my grandma take me back to my childhood days when Gma was still a teacher. Every year at the end of the school year, we would pack up her classroom, and then in the fall, we would unpack everything. We used to listen to Patsy Cline and we always got to eat out somewhere. I loved helping my grandma, it made me feel so important!


Oh my gosh. This one is impossible to capture for me. Mom and I have had so many good times. We've been best friends since I can remember and have laughed, loved, cried, and shared so many times together. I think some of my most treasured memories are the trips Mom and I took together. Each summer, we would travel to a conference for a teacher's group that we both belonged to as educators. We saw some wonderful sites and always had lots of laughs. We would usually end at least one day having a chocolate martini. She and I also traveled to Europe twice. I remember one time we were in Budapest, and we walked up the Danube in the evening and sat outside at a little cafe. We shared a chocolate and had a cup of coffee and just watched the river. It was magical. I also have great memories in Mom's kitchen. She taught me my love of cooking and I can't even begin to count the number of meals we have cooked together. Every New Year's Day or Thanksgiving, we'd be in the kitchen early..just the two of us...and a parade would be on t.v., and we would talk about the floats and be prepping dishes for the day. It was just a great time. I love my mom so much.