23rd Weddng Anniversary and Medieval Knights: My Staycation


23rd Weddng Anniversary and Medieval Knights: My Staycation

phoneimages 081As family caregivers our finances and time are limited. This summer however I refused to let that stop me and I vowed to do at least one thing this summer I had never done before. Maybe you can to.

Some of you know I am a book cover artist on the side. I create mostly fantasy, romance and historical fiction, i.e. Philippa Gregory type stuff. So I love anything 15th to 18th century.

So I told my hubby this year, as God is my witness, we are going to a Renaissance Faire and we are going to have an awesome time. I found a discount costume store here in San Jose and I created my character, Angie Boleyn. I was Anne Boleyn's Moorish half sister. I found hubby a awesome three Musketeers costume for under $30. I entered a contest on San Jose Renfaire.com and I won tickets to get in free! I had faith I'd win plus i submitted an entry every day.

We had way too much fun. We were right here in Silicon valley but it felt like I was on the set of The Tudors. However I kept my head about it all (pun intended). The knights were very funny and informative and we were funny too. They liked our costumes and my character name got me a free drink because the server was laughing so hard at my chosen Renfaire name. We were given discount tickets to another Renfaire in Hollister next month so we will be going again.

phoneimages 063Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary. The beauty of Northern California is that you can drive anywhere--toward Carmel, north to Humboldt to the beautiful Redwood Forrest or just go to San Francisco to a museum.

So the next three days we are gong to go to a few of these places and it won't cost much. We wanted to go on a cruise but we are saving money this summer. So I am just as happy as you can see in our pictures.

If you're wondering who is watching Graceldoor while we are gone that would be my son and his girlfriend. My loyal subjects.

Enjoy your weekend; we are! Go forth even on a budget and take some time if you can from your caregiving duties. We are going mead tasting, too. That's medieval honey wine.

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MissAngie!! You look amazing!! I love your costume--which is second only to your smile.\r\n\r\nSo glad you are taking a stacyation and enjoying it. You deserve it!!\r\n\r\nHappy Anniversary. :)


LOVE it, MissAngie! Happy anniversary! :D\r\nI went to one Renfaire years ago; my partner and her family have gone to them, too. Very cool!\r\nCongrats on the wins -- love the costumes and your Renfaire name. And Kudos to your loyal subjects for guarding the honor of Graceldoor!\r\nBTW, my partner and I used to make homemade mead when we lived up north. It's very easy to do. :-)