28 Ways to Show the Love: Give Me Time with My Other Kids

Each day in February, we’ll share a way that family members and friends can help the family caregiver in their lives. (A family caregiver is an individual who cares for a family member or friend, just like you.) Through our campaign, we hope to create awareness of what family caregivers do and how others can help.

Today's tip comes from Jackie (@Jackie), who cares for her daughter: Help by offering to watch my daughter so I can take the other children to the park.

Why this tip is so important: "I have four children. Unfortunately, my daughter with special needs often takes much more time and attention and the other three children do not get much time with me alone. The other kids would love to have even an hour of time alone with Mommy where they are not competing for attention."

(Have an idea you'd like us to include? Email your idea to Denise and include an explanation of why your tip is so important.)

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