29 Ways to Show the Love: Learn About the Caree's Disease


29 Ways to Show the Love: Learn About the Caree's Disease

research-390297_640Each day in February, we’ll share a way that family members and friends can help the family caregiver in their lives. (A family caregiver is an individual who cares for a family member or friend, just like you.) Through our campaign, we hope to create awareness of what family caregivers do and how others can help.

Today's tip comes from Jean (@jmkeslin), who cared for her parents and in-laws: Take time to learn about a caree's disease. (A caree is the individual receiving care from your family member or friend.)

Why today's tip is important: A few years ago, a family caregiver who completed our Annual Family Caregiver Survey wrote: "We have PhDs in our carees." A family caregiver researches and investigates a disease process, understanding that knowledge helps them provide the best care possible.

But educating everyone else (like friends and family members) can be exhausting. It also can be frustrating to be constantly questioned about a behavior caused by a disease process or a challenge presented because of a decline common to the disease.

When you learn about the caree's disease process, you show the family caregiver in your life that you care. You also avoid any misunderstandings because you understand the disease. When you are educated about the disease, you avoid second guessing the family caregiver's decisions and have insights about the struggles the family caregiver overcomes.

When you understand the caree's disease process, you'll have a greater understanding of the family caregiver's experience and what the caree needs. You'll be comfortable spending time with the caree because you'll understand the caree's behavior and situation.

When you understand, you provide the best kind of support.

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This one is great! It's a biggie.


Amen sister. This is huge.