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It has been quite a long time since I've posted and life has continued on as usual. Hubby has continued going to home care and getting the lymphatic compression dressing done twice a week. What a world of difference this has made in the size of his leg and his mobility! This is the longest he has ever been agreeable to treatment without wanting to bring it to a flaming end. I think the fact that he has an amazing team working with him and he is able to see the difference this is making.

I was finally able to see what improvements have been made during Christmas when I had an extra day off work. I got to meet the main nurse that does his dressing and what a firecracker! She had a wicked sense of humour and had Mike laughing and relaxed in no time. Where has she been all our lives? Anyhow, it was wonderful to see that he has an ankle again, sponginess in his calf (if that makes sense), and pink skin. What a change from a swollen, hard calf that was purple in color. I'm not sure if it was appropriate to be excited and giddy over this, but I sure was.

With all these improvements, he will be able to go back to a compression stocking! FINALLY! He is pretty excited about this because it brings back some sense of normalcy. Nothing feels more normal than getting up and just putting on your socks. To make good news better, with Mike going to home care on a regular basis he now qualifies for a provincial program called Aids to Daily Living. This program will cover up 75% of the cost of his compression stockings so the out of-of-pocket sting will be a little less painful.

Little by little, normal has changed, but we can live with this new normal.

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That is worth celebrating!! I like to hear that the compression dressing is working! Compliance isn't easy for your hubby and the humor/sarcasm causes him to respond favorably! Hurray for Graduating to Socks! My Grandma deals with edema in her legs and even with Lasix she has pitted edema. We are working on getting her to elevate the legs above her heart and when she does, consistently, the results are dramatic!


Yippee Chris! Let's toast to the new normal! So Happy for you both.