A Bold Video: Jackie Schwabe


A Bold Video: Jackie Schwabe

We’re going bold in anticipation of our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference! The conference steering committee members and our conference presenters have created videos about our conference and our bold moments. This year’s conference theme is our Bold Moments: Before, During, After.

Jackie Schwabe, one of our conference presenters, shares her bold moment in her video, below. You can connect with Jackie at our conference during her presentations, Technology Panel and It’s Most than “Just” Parenting – It’s Caregiving on November 10. (Check out our conference agenda.)

BOLD Moment from Jackie Schwabe on Vimeo.

About Jackie
Jackie Schwabe is the CEO of Mindlight, LLC and a Certified Caregiving Consultant, Educator, and Presenter. She received her BA in Management Computer Systems from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and MBA in Technology Project Management at the University of Phoenix. She has been active in the area of healthcare integration, healthcare IT, telemedicine, and product management for over 20 years. She has been a cross-sector, cross-discipline leadership practitioner her entire career.

Jackie wakes up motivated to help others. Her mission, to provide the tools, opportunities, and connections people need to be their best self. A career in Health IT allowed her to figuratively and literally connects thousands of systems and people. A mother of four children — one with Autism — she often says different is not less and communication happens in more ways than verbally. She started MindLight, LLC because she didn't want other caregivers to struggle to find the resources, tools, and support they needed to be the best they can be.

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