A Busy Summer


A Busy Summer

monterey-94166_640I have not been here in awhile. The summer brings the time of year where we camp in our trailer for one week a month at a local lake campground.

Mom, who will be 93 in October, comes along. She enjoys sitting by the lake reading or doing crossword puzzles. We will take her as long as she is capable of going.

On July 6, I start a six-week Powerful Tools for Caregivers class. I am looking forward to meeting others that do family caregiving. I am also looking forward to learning about new resources and helpful hints. I will post here and tell you what I learn that I think might be useful to those caring for older parents.

At the end of the month, I am going on a girls weekend (midweek, instead) ALONE!! Mom has lived with us for two years and I have never been away alone in all that time. I decided I am going to do this and not feel guilty. She goes to daycare three days a week for four hours a day now so I can exercise and do errands. They have respite care there, so I am hoping that will work out. If they do not have a place for her, my husband has offered to be plan B and stay home from work to care for her those three days I am away. She can dress and bathroom on her own, so it is just meal prep and being here in case she needs something. I am taking him up on the offer. I am excited!

Counting the days until I can rest soundly, not anticipate anyone else's needs and just have fun with my bestie.

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Hi Sharon--Your break sounds awesome!! Good for you!\r\n\r\nI'd love to hear what you think of Powerful Tools. I think it's great you'll share what you gain from the class with us here. :)


Great News about your upcoming Girls Getaway! You too have an Awesome Hubby!! Your mom and my Grandma have similar needs but glad your mom can still get around really well! The Caregiving Classes will be worth it, just wait and see!!


Fabulous that there are happy things going on in your house, and more happy to look forward to at the end of the month. Hope your mom has continued to improve since her doctor visit; it sounds like she has. I hope the anticipation of your time away is just as satisfying as the trip itself; get double-duty out of it! When good things happen, we all rejoice and share in it. Good for you.

Lillie Fuller

I hope you're enjoying your camping! Take lots of notes at your caregiver class and most of all, enjoy your time with your bestie!