A CareGifters Recipient: Lisa


A CareGifters Recipient: Lisa

Lisa and her father. Lisa and her father.

Through our CareGifters program, we fund caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time, as often as we can.

We recently received a donation to our CareGifters program, which we used to help Lisa (@lisarae), who cares for her father. Lisa joined our community in the summer of 2012 and has joined our chats as often as she can.

Lisa has been caring for her dad, who has limited mobility along with neuropathy due to aging, 24/7 for six years with the help of her daughter. They moved in to care for him so he wouldn't have to go to a nursing facility after Lisa's mom passed away. To learn more of her story, read Lisa's blog.

In her CareGifters application, Lisa details how she will use the $500  which I sent to her today:

Caregiving.com: What are your top three challenges?
Lisa: Dealing with Dad's limited mobility, not being able to move about much or go out of the house. Finances are a constant struggle, it seems to take every penny to make ends meet and there's not enough. Finding time that my daughter can give me some respite time. It's her days off when this happens and when you work full time I know it would be hard to do that.

Caregiving.com: How will $500 help you?
Lisa: With current winter electric and gas bills. They have both increased since the temperature drop and Dad is constantly cold. This would be an answer to a prayer.

Would you like to ensure other family caregivers, like Lisa, have what they need? Make a tax-deductible donation to our CareGifters program, operated through our non-profit organization, The Center for Family Caregivers. If your organization would like to sponsor a future CareGifters recipient, please send me an email.

You can make a donation via the button, below. No donation is too small (or too big for that matter)!

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