A CareGifters Recipient: LookingHeavenward


A CareGifters Recipient: LookingHeavenward

LookingHeavenwardThrough our CareGifters program, we fund caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time, as often as we can. We recently received two donations to our CareGifters program, which we used to help @LookingHeavenward, who cares for her mom.

In her CareGifters application, LookingHeavenward details how she will use the money:

Caregiving.com: Tell us about your caregiving situation. For whom do you care? How long have you been in a caregiving situation?
LookingHeavenward: I care for my bedridden mom. She came down with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (R.S.D., the most painful disease known to man) 14 years ago, when I was 18 years old. I have been caring for her since then. Nine years ago she was getting so bad that she needed 24/7 care, and my health was declining as well (I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome) that I left my job as a Veterinary Technician and became her full-time caregiver. It is my joy and honor to care for her.

Caregiving.com: What are your top three challenges?
LookingHeavenward: My first challenge is trying to take the best care of Mom that I possibly can. I am not a doctor and sometimes I feel out of my depth as this disease progresses. She has so many things going on above and beyond the RSD that many times I don't know what to do and neither do the doctors. Every day is an adventure.

My second challenge is trying to explain this complicated disease to friends, family, and doctors. Most people don't understand this and most doctors don't care to understand Mom's complications.

My third challenge is trying to make time for myself. I know it is important for caregivers to get away so that they don't get burnt out but I don't really have many options. My life seems to revolve around chores, phone calls to doctors, cleaning, and taking care of almost every aspect of Mom's health and well-being.

Caregiving.com: How will $500 help you?
LookingHeavenward: This money would be a HUGE blessing to us. Mom is in need for several medical devices and supplies that we can't afford and the insurance won't cover so the majority of the money would go toward this. Then I would use a small portion of this money for me to get away for a few hours (I don't leave her because we can't afford it). It would be nice to have a caregiver come and stay for a few hours while I drove to town and just had a fun day.

LookingHeavenward received her money this morning and has already created her shopping list, which includes (in her words):

  • an oxometer to keep an eye on Mom's O2 levels.

  • a bag to hold Mom's oxygen tanks when we go out. It is so hard to push a wheelchair AND push a large oxygen tank at the same time.

  • a nutribullet since Mom doesn't eat food very well and chokes often. Her dietician suggested making smoothies for her that way we get nutrition into her.

  • a non-crushing eye mask for when we go out. The lights are TOO bright and regular eye masks crush her eyes and cause her pain; new ear plugs - her old ones are from the 70's and just don't work well anymore.

  • Diabetes supplies so I can test several times a day versus once every three days.

LookingHeavenward will join me on an upcoming episode of Your Caregiving Journey. I'll share more details closer to the show's air date.

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