A Caregiver's Lament


A Caregiver's Lament


(Editor's Note: Today, we welcome Ron, who cares for his wife, to our blogging team. His poem, "A Caregiver's Lament," explores and reveals the darker, seldom acknowledged side of caregiving as viewed from the author's personal experience. You can connect with Ron on his profile page: @rseals823.)

pot-15020_640Endless...the repetition
of servitude, its oppressive
routine crushing, suffocating,
away hopes and dreams,
consummate user of a life
torn down, a life once lived.

The pursuit of happiness
becomes elusive, vague, and
the joy once known is left far
behind—its remnants teasing
in fading, flashing visions of
what was, serving only to
nourish the seeds of regret.

Energy becomes depleted;
love once vibrant, wanes and
lingers in near-dormant state
overtaken by a pervasive
cauldron of depression now
manifest in silent, growing,
and all-consuming act of will.

Needs of self sacrificed, the
spirit consumed to a fading
ember is poised for extinction.
Bound by doctrine or bound by
beliefs instilled, escape is found
only in lasting, cheerless and
thankless freedom of death.

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Wow. That was a truly powerful poem. Thank you for sharing it.\r\n\r\n(On a totally unrelated note, I see from your bio that you're a veteran. Thank you for your service.)


I found YOU Ron on fb! So I went ahead and sent you a friend request. It's kind of my lifeline to the world due to the fact I'm home basically 24/7. Our little group is very private and best of all no drama. I detest drama lol... Hope to chat soon.


Ron, welcome and thank you so much for this touching poem. It touched me and if you don't mind, I will share it with my caregiving group on facebook. Are you on fb? If so, friend me, and I'll also add you to our little group. My friend Susan helps me post and it's mostly positive information, articles and we share a little from time to time. My facebook address is https://www.facebook.com/lisa.land.35


Ron , thank you for joining and for writing that very powerful poem.


Welcome, Ron! Thank you for sharing this post, you write and it touches deeply. You can find support and encouragement here as your emotional strength is waning. I hope you can share during our chats or another blog when you are ready.