A Caregiver's Thanksgiving


A Caregiver's Thanksgiving

Smiles2(Editor's Note: We welcome Bob, a new blogger tonight. You can connect with Bob on his profile page: @bobmarcotte.)

It appears to be in fashion to take the thirty days before Thanksgiving to show the world what you are thankful for. While on the surface, this is wonderful to watch, I have to share my caregiver’s perspective.

I typically get up early to see if my wife is still breathing, and even if she is, I watch her breathe because it steels my courage.

I sometimes have to wake her so I can bring her breakfast before I leave for work. I hate to do it, but otherwise she will go hungry.

I make sure to wake her so she can take her pain meds on time, because if she takes them too late there is a period where she is uncomfortable until they kick in.

I need to connect with her soul before I leave so I can pray to God to protect her until I return.

All of these things I am thankful for before 7 a.m..

All of these things I am thankful for.

Welcome to a caregiver’s day.

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Welcome Bob, caregivers are truly special people. It's funny how we are thankful for what others may think of as the smallest things... the rise and fall of a loved one's chest... but to us they are the things we are most thankful for.


I love and appreciate the voice you gave to your day. Welcome to our group!

Casandra Porter

Welcome, Bob! And although I love to participate in the 31 Days of Thanksgiving posts, I feel the same way you do. I am thankful for everything in my day when it comes to my husband and his health. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.