A Caregiving Card: Thanksgiving


A Caregiving Card: Thanksgiving

vintage-441165_640Yesterday, I spoke with @g-j, who cares for her husband. She reminded me of an article I read last week in The New York Times about empathy cards created by Emily McDowell that really focus on the reality of living with a series, chronic illness.

For instance, one card reads:

The Five Stages of Grief Empathy Card:

Crying in Public

Crying Alone While Watching TV

Crying at Work

Crying While You're a Little Drunk

I love you.

I thought it would be fun for us to create expressions on cards, using holidays and specials days as our inspiration.

For our first card, let's create sayings for cards you would love to receive for Thanksgiving. For example, you may like to receive a card that reads:

Wishing you a day during which you can be thankful that the turkey you eat isn't that one family member you'd love to serve on a platter.

Happy Thanksgiving! In other words, Happy Grit-Your-Teeth Day, that wonderful holiday during which your family watches you do all the work.

Share your expressions for a Thanksgiving card only a family caregiver could relish in our comments section, below. I'll chose a random winner to receive a Caregiving Care Package, which includes my books, our caregiving mug and our superpower t-shirt. For a chance to win, please share an idea before midnight (whenever midnight strikes for you) on Tuesday, November 17.

(For more inspiration, check out the expressions we created a few years ago for a family caregiver's Hallmark card.)

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Congrats to <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/hussy/' rel=\"nofollow\">@hussy</a> who won our Caregiving Care Package!!


Happy Thanksgiving! Hoping you have a mouth guard strong to endure all times you have to bite your tongue.


Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing the gravy boat becomes a real boat that floats you away to a Caribbean vacation.


Happy Thanksgiving! Fingers crossed the turkey isn't as burnt as you feel.\n\nHappy Thanksgiving! Here's hoping for a day without this comment from that clueless family member, \"You know what you should do...\"


Happy Thanksgiving! Here's hoping that a potent dose of tryptophan and carbs sends your mother-in-law off to the Land of Nod before she has a chance to unsheathe her claws and lay into you about your inferior housekeeping skills.

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