A Caregiving Comfort: Call


A Caregiving Comfort: Call

You keep your phone handy, ready for the calls.

You sleep with one ear open, ready for the calls.

You seem to live and breathe by the calls you don't want.

Where are the calls you want? The calls to check on you, to relieve you, to support you?

In caregiving, you can begin to dread the calls because the calls never feel, well, good. You get too many bad calls and not enough good ones.

Which makes you wonder: Why am I doing this?

You can't recall the purpose of it all. And, that just leads you to wishing, wishing, wishing you could simply take the phone off the hook, so to speak.

But you don't.

Because that's not who you are. Others can ignore the call. Your heart and soul won't let you sleep if you don't.

Because you don't turn off the call, know you will get good calls. Know a call will come which will answer your prayers, buy you some time and give you a chance.

Know that your call to do good in the world will bring back good to you.

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