A Caregiving Comfort: Choice


A Caregiving Comfort: Choice

Often, without realizing, you live a choice.

It's only when you see another choice do you question yours.

It could happen in the grocery store when you run in to get that desperately-needed roll of toilet paper. You see a friend from high school, also shopping but not for toilet paper. Her grocery cart includes all the ingredients for a party -- wine, snacks, flowers.

The toilet paper you hold seems to take on greater significance.

You chat and catch up. You tell her she looks great. She says the same about you.

You try to remain calm but can feel the stress gurgling in your stomach. You know she'll ask about your life. How to explain? How to describe?

You do your best, sharing that you now take care of your caree. She nods and smiles. She asks if you remarried. No, you share, I made a different kind of choice.

You part company after a few more minutes of chatting.

In your car, you wonder about your choices. As you drive, you revisit how you got to where you are. When you park the car, you feel calmer. The choice is difficult, sleep-stealing and life-consuming. With that big choice, you've made others. You choose to make the most of your moments, you choose to keep what you can, you choose to stay rather than run.

And, maybe, just maybe, you do look great. Purpose is the best accessory because it reflects your heart.

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