A Caregiving Comfort: Commission


A Caregiving Comfort: Commission

It begins without ceremony, without a burst of champagne bubbles during a special celebration honoring you as a family caregiver. You begin without fanfare or well-wishes or gifts.

Instead you're commissioned by crisis or tragedy or insidious declines.

And so you take on the title and the responsibilities and the worry and the grind and the frustrations. You go and go and go.

Until you find yourself out of commission.

It's the flu. Or too many bad days in a row so you hide under the covers. Or too much to do so you can't do anything.

You want to throw back the title, shrug off the responsibilities, leave behind the worry, let go of the frustrations.

But you can't.

Because even when you're out of commission, you still carry the title, answer to the responsibilities, manage the worries, the grind and the frustrations.

So, how do you make the most of this commission, this duty that seems too much, too big and too lonely?

Choose to add a new commission. Make it your mission to let loose and let out. A commission as important as the one you have can't be the mission that stops your life. It can be the mission that takes on a different kind of life. You don't need to be tied up to a commission; you can untie the knot into what helps you feel better.

Make it your mission to give yourself a break, to honor your efforts and to celebrate your achievements.

Know we understand the enormity of your caregiving commission which is why we commission you incredible.

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