A Caregiving Comfort: Feast


A Caregiving Comfort: Feast

It seems that everyone else sits down every day to a feast.

Their feast includes days off, awesome vacations, gorgeous holiday crafts, loving families, picture-perfect celebrations.

Their feast reminds you that you feel like you're living in a famine.

You just can't get enough which means you feel like you constantly work, never travel, buy store-bought and ignore your family rather than give them a piece of your mind. While others celebrate, you endure.

During a famine, the thought of another's feast can leave you feeling lost and overlooked.

Where's your feast especially because you've so graciously withstood the famine?

The desert of your famine can bring you to the tears. You have so many reasons to cry. What you experience during your day is not fair, is too much and is more than one person should ever have to bear.

Perhaps the tears, which you've held back, can move you from famine to feast. Maybe the tears can open up your soul's rainy season. Your tears, which can't help but contain your compassion and kindness, heal. Maybe in the healing comes the better which can begin the feast.

You deserve a good cry. You deserve what can grow when you let go.


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