A Caregiving Comfort: Full


A Caregiving Comfort: Full

A different kind of hunger happens during caregiving.

When you hunger for the sweet life you once had, you reach for the M&Ms.

When you hunger for the stability can't get, you reach for the Doritos (they always taste the same).

When you hunger for relief from the worries and stress, you pop open the wine.

When you hunger for understanding, you crave the comfort that only macaroni and cheese can give.

What if we could satisfy our hunger without the ice cream, Doritos, wine and macaroni and cheese? Because the junk just satisfies us in the short term. To feel full we need long-term nourishment.

Let's keep the faith in our cupboards. So, when the doubts (the junk) scream, we choose instead to believe.

We can believe that hope lives in our moments so we make the most of our moments with our words and our actions.

We can believe that answers will come so we wait in peace.

We can believe that relief is one request for help away so we continue asking.

We can believe that understanding comes from our own acceptance of our life right now.

Life may feel unhealthy right now but that doesn't mean we have to make unhealthy decisions. We can live well and choose well even when life sucks.

We can be full.

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Elizabeth Miller

LOVE this! It's so true. We do need long-term nourishment that food and drink can't fix. I've packed on a few extra pounds with our 6 week kitchen remodel. I was hungry for simplicity and ease...so we ate out...a lot!