A Caregiving Comfort: Home


A Caregiving Comfort: Home

Home, they say, is where the heart is.

But we still need an address.

An address can get lost to caregiving. You sleep in one spot but really feel like you live in another. You have your stuff in one place but left it behind to be in another place to give care. You remember how to get to your home but you feel like your real house is the hospital.

Wherefore art thou, home sweet home?

It's another casualty to caregiving -- an area we call our own that holds our own. Without it, we can feel adrift and without an anchor.

It sucks to betwixt and between. It's frustrating to not have a peg in a wall to hang our hat. It's exhausting to pack and unpack and pack.

We all deserve a piece of land to call our own. We all need the simplicity of an address.

How do we cope when we don't?

Maybe we do have to look to where our heart lives to understand our life's address. Maybe we have temporary times without a physical address. Our heart, though, does give permanent residence. Life, after all, is about love. And, when we give and receive love, we can live anywhere.

Your caregiving displacement will be temporary. Your permanent home awaits. When you land there, you will love it.

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Wow! I can't believe that within the first few minutes of joining I find a discussion that I have been so overwhelmed by. Just hearing that I am not alone in this living out of a bag and all over the place helps so much.