A Caregiving Comfort: Immediate


A Caregiving Comfort: Immediate

Caregiving left your life in pieces.

You feel the immediate pressure to put it back together.

It feels immediate because you live in the immediate world of caregiving. It's all so precise during caregiving -- the med schedule, the treatment plan, the day's schedule.

It's also all about scrambling to resolve right now. If you don't take care of a caregiving need right then in the moment, you know a bad situation will quickly grow worse.

The pressure you feel during caregiving becomes the pressure you feel in life. That pressure spreads into a habit, a belief that solutions must be hurried, including as it applies to putting your life back together.

Your life deserves to be complete. And, you deserve the time it takes to make it full. Resist the pressure, which becomes the judgement, to get it together yesterday. Your life's pieces won't fit together the same way they did. They've changed because you've changed. Your life, your work in progress, is evolving into something new. And evolution takes time.

Embrace the chance and the time it takes to rebuild a life that truly reflects you. Right now, in this immediate moment, give yourself time.

The glue needs time to dry.

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<a class='bp-suggestions-mention' href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/denise/' rel='nofollow'>@denise</a> beautifully stated. This is such a strangely awful-yet-hopeful time. The future is so uncertain, big changes are in store for 2017, and yet I feel oddly calm and in the moment.