A Caregiving Comfort: Lock


A Caregiving Comfort: Lock

You can feel locked into a life that feels so different than the life you wanted.

You can feel locked out of the parts of life you once enjoyed.

It's like the lock is shut you out from the outside and the inside.

That feeling of no choice, especially when it comes to choices of how to spend time, can leave you feeling trapped. You're trapped and left to look for a way out that you just can't find.

It's like caregiving took out all your dislikes and disappointments and left them on the floor for you to live with. And, then just to make its point, caregiving shoved all your hopes and dreams into the empty closet, then closed the closet door and threw away the key.

How do you get out of what you don't want and into what you do want?

You hold the key.

Unlock the vault of pent-up frustrations and vent. Let out what you wish were different, what you want to change. Talk out what solutions you want and the shifts you want to happen. Talk it out in your journal, on a blog (like here on Caregiving.com), to your support group, to us during one of our chats. Releasing the frustration may lead to room for a better way.

Then turn the key to unlock what you miss. Leave the hamster wheel, which lures you into believing you must keep going and going and going, so you can spend time with someone or something you love. You often give others a break from the hamster wheel; it's good to give yourself that same grace.

When we can't get out and we can't let it, our frustration may lead us to believe we can't find what we need -- the key. Believe differently and know that you hold the key.

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Thanks. I needed this today. Sometimes, I just get tired of looking for the keys.. :)


I love this, Babs. :) You'll find them.