A Caregiving Comfort: Loud


A Caregiving Comfort: Loud

The books you selected so carefully from the library sit in a nice tidy pile.

They sit and watch as you walk past them throughout the day. You catch their glance as you sit in your favorite chair watching mindless television.

The books sit, unopened and unread.

"I should read those," you think. "A good book could be a good break."

But you can't.

You can't sit and read a book, even though you have some time in your day. While you have the hours, you don't have the stress-free days to sit and calmly read.

The worries and the stress are like loud noises that make concentrating an impossibility. How can read when your worries and stresses shout so loudly at you? How can you focus when the stresses and worries push and pull at you making it impossible to allow any other thoughts other than the thoughts about the stresses and worries?

How to quiet those stresses and worries?

Sometimes, you can't quiet loud with a quiet activity. Sometimes, to silence the screams of stresses and worries, you must be loud too. Turn up the volume on music. Share the loud scream into your pillow. Quicken the pace of a long walk to elevate the sound of your breath.

The stresses and worries are loud. Drown them out with an action that takes you into a belief that you will be okay.

You will be okay. Your resilience, integrity, instincts and wisdom are greater than your stresses and worries. They are your loudest gifts.

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