A Caregiving Comfort: Normal


A Caregiving Comfort: Normal

People will see your crisis and ask, "What do you need?"

Because they see you in such a significant crisis, they may wonder about your response, which may be, "I don't know."

How could you not know what you need, they may wonder.

What they can't know is that what you really need is for life to return to normal. How do you ask for that?

Because no one can turn your life back to what it was -- normal -- you can't think of anything else you need.

That's a normal response.

Perhaps what we really need is a new way to define normal. During times which feel anything but normal, what's normal anyway?

It's normal for you not to know.

It's normal for you to need time.

It's normal for you to be quiet or loud or quietly loud or loudly quiet.

It's normal for you to laugh and cry.

It's normal for you to need solitude and company.

It's normal for you to just feel like you're not sure how to navigate this wave.

When others ask what you need, it's okay to say you're not sure right now. It's also okay to let them know you need their love, now more than ever. Often the cure for tough times that turn our world upside down is simply unconditional love that just listens.

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