A Caregiving Comfort: One


A Caregiving Comfort: One

You sit between your two carees, patiently sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's office. You're tired but didn't realize how tired until you wake up.

Your favorite nurse is helping your parents up and out of their chairs. Another nurse, your least favorite, is standing in front of you.

"You're only one person," she lectures. "You need helping coming here with both parents. I'm sure you've got siblings who would love to help you. Why are you doing this all by yourself?"

You're stunned into silence. But you're also well trained in moving through what stuns and into what's necessary. You help your mom as your favorite nurse helps your dad.

A few minutes later, you begin to seethe.

You're here, as one person, because the home health aide you hired bailed on you. You're here, as one person, because the siblings really don't love helping so they don't. You're here, as one person, because you're trying to figure it out and trying your best.


Why in the world would anyone believe you want to be only one, just one, in an experience that could use the strength and mite of a football team? Why would you choose to go solo during a time when you need all the support you can get?

Because you worry the seething will become a temper tantrum, you put aside the anger at another's insensitivity. Instead, you decide to focus on how, as one, you've kept two together. You didn't use just one trait to keep two together. You used them all -- your tenacity, your grit, your sense of humor, your courage, your determination and your faith.

Sometimes, you have no choice but to be one. We know being one could lead you to be a bitter, resentful one. You choose, instead, to keep your heart open. Your open heart means you can and will receive all that you deserve. You deserve understanding and kindness and love. You deserve an abundance of riches.

And rich you are. When you see another one, you reach out a supportive hand to help.

Maybe you show up as one. But, you've got it all.

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