A Caregiving Comfort: Pioneer


A Caregiving Comfort: Pioneer


When I'm feeling doubtful and discouraged, I turn to my TV. Specifically, I turn to The Pioneer Woman, a cooking show on Food Network.

The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) lives a life that looks sensational. Her husband is handsome, her kids rarely roll their eyes and humrph! in embarrassment over their mother. She has two homes -- a main residence and a lodge where she films her television show. She eats a ton of sugary, indulgent food and still looks good.

That's not why I watch her.

I watch her because I feel encouraged by the idea of being a pioneer and living a successful life. A pioneer life seems to imply a tough life lived without luxuries. In the life of a pioneer, one envisions tremendous sacrifice, challenges and back-backing labor.

We're pioneers.

We're forging a trail through rugged terrain with a map that's not up-to-date with the constant changes. We have to think on our feet and change course on a dime. We have to veer off the beaten path to build a new life for ourselves and our carees. We lead the way, lighting the path for those behind us.

As pioneers, we may be tempted to overlook what can make our lives easier. We're so used to being in the lead we forget others can give us a break once in awhile by taking the lead. We're so used to taking charge that we forget everyone needs a break from the charge. We're so used to making do that we forget we can stop for a moment to take pride in all that we do.

Maybe we won't have two homes or a metabolism that can swallow decadence without a price to pay. We can, though, make the most of the home we have. We can bring in fresh flowers, food that nourishes and a perspective that comforts.

As pioneers, we can build what works for us.

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