A Caregiving Comfort: Please

It's the silent plea.

Please call me back.

Please be on time.

Please help me.

It's particularly frustrating because you feel like much of your time is spent trying to please (your boss, your family, your caree) that you can't believe you haven't received a karma of please's in return.

You can feel hostage to please.

What if, for just this one moment, you gave pause to what pleases you? In this moment, what can you give yourself permission to say or do that brings you a please?

Perhaps, right now, it would please you to release a worry, trusting you've done all you can.

Maybe, right now, it would please you to embrace an opportunity you've long discounted at the same time you've long wanted.

What if you took this moment and a moment every day to simply focus on you without guilt or worrying it won't please another?

I hope you will. Please.

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