A Caregiving Comfort: Pound


A Caregiving Comfort: Pound

It's one of the mysteries of caregiving.

Your head pounds without anything actually hitting it.

Your heart pounds without running a marathon much less up the stairs.

The pounds appear on your mid-section without actually enjoying any decadent treats.

It's a mystery that's solved with a look at the rails on which your life rides. Your ride doesn't keep a steady pace without encountering drastic detours. Yours turns on a dime, makes U-turns without notice and speeds up and slows down, sometimes in the same moment.

When you ride the scary roller coasters, you've got good reasons for the pounding.

The stress, the overwhelm, the frustration pound and pound. Your soul takes a pounding as a result.

So, pound this.

The roller coaster ride brings you to heights that allow you to see life in ways others can't. Because you hang on for the ride, you receive a sense of comfort without any regrets when it finally ends.

Pound for pound, you are worth your weight in gold. You are priceless.

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Lillie Fuller

Love it. Thank you. I am worth my weight in gold. (where's the gold)?