A Caregiving Comfort: Power


A Caregiving Comfort: Power

You can feel powerless to your caree's pain and suffering. No matter what you do and how much you try, it can feel like you both live with a pain that hurts the body, the soul and the heart.

It's awful to feel that pain is too powerful to ease.


Giving pain all the power overlooks the power you bring to your days.

Your loving presence is your power.

Your concentrated listening is your power.

Your caring hands are your power.

Your spirited sense of humor is your power.

Your common sense wisdom is your power.

Your steadfast commitment is your power.

Your unwavering courage is your power.

Your tenacious advocacy is your power.

Your hopeful resilience is your power.

Your tender smile is your power.

During caregiving, you'll have moments when you feel powerless. Know you can close your eyes to see and feel the power you hold inside. Your power will soothe.

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Thank you for this post Denise. I believe all of these words hold truth, and power, in our work as Facilitators and Consultants also. This reminder was helpful for me this morning, as I prepare for a support group meeting.