A Caregiving Comfort: Prevent


A Caregiving Comfort: Prevent

Because it's all on you, you can feel it's all up to you.

It's up to you to manage, advocate, predict. And, all that can lead you to believe you must prevent.

Because you can predict what will happen, you are temped to believe you must prevent.

Some situations can be prevented. You can see a blow-up coming between your caree and the home health aide so you ask the aide's supervisor to intervene. You can tell that your caree is declining so adjust to accommodate those declines the best you can.

Other situations are beyond what you can prevent. You can't prevent the natural cycle of life. In fact, you aren't meant to prevent life's natural end.

Because you can't prevent it, you didn't fail when it happens.

You can prevent, though, your denial about that natural cycle. You can prevent denial by facing those natural events.

Although you can't prevent the natural cycle of life, you can prevent your regrets. Your regrets spring from your denial. Your comfort comes from your realistic view of what's next and what you can do about what's next.

You provide care for as long as needed on this earth. When the natural cycle of life ends, you can take comfort in knowing your caree transitions to hands as caring and loving as yours.

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