A Caregiving Comfort: Pull


A Caregiving Comfort: Pull

You're pulled in so many directions that you're unraveling.

Your caree calls you at the same moment your boss calls an emergency meeting. Your caree struggles mightily on the same day that your favorite 17-year-old has a much anticipated basketball championship game. You get the only doctor's appointment you can for your caree on the day you've painstakingly scheduled to take a break.

You're pushed to arrive and you're pulled to leave.

All which leaves you wondering:

How do I pull this off?

How am I going to pull myself together?

Before the tug-of-war that caregiving creates pulls you down, give yourself permission to let go, let in and let out. Let go what you can't control. Let in what helps you. Let out what hinders you.

Pull in what you can control. Pull in what can feel better. Pull in what can relieve.

It can seem that life just pulls you. Know you can pull from life, too.

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