A Caregiving Comfort: Relax


A Caregiving Comfort: Relax


It seems like a good idea -- this relaxing you see others doing. You see photos on Facebook of your family members and friends relaxing while you're scrambling to send a message that you need help. You watch others relax at the park while you drive frantically to the pharmacist.

And, yet, when you do it, it feels like the hardest activity in the world.

You're sitting. But it's not relaxing.

As you sit, you think, "I should be doing something. This is terrible that I'm sitting. I shouldn't be sitting because I really need to be working."

As you sit, you can't relax because your mind keeps working.

And, yet, of all the people in the world, you deserve the time to relax the most. You're doing such critical, important work seven days a week, sometimes throughout the night. Because of the pressing needs, it makes sense that relaxing feels like the last thing to do.


Relaxing helps your body rejuvenate, allows your mind to recharge. Relaxing gives you a chance to breathe. And, when you relax, you might give yourself time to appreciate all that you do.

Relaxing during a time like caregiving takes practice. You can't go from 90 mph to 0 mph in an instant. Allow yourself time to get used to relaxing. Relaxing can happen during a few minutes in your day. Relaxing can happen at the end of your day.

When you relax, close your eyes and visualize yourself at peace with and in the world. Because in your piece of the world, you deserve the peace. And, in our piece of the world, you are peace.

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