A Caregiving Comfort: Release


A Caregiving Comfort: Release

A cure for caregiving stress is relaxation. If we can give our body a break from the stress, then our body has a chance to rest which means it can battle stress more effectively after the rest.

But who can relax? And, when do we have time to rest?

We can't relax because the other shoe will drop and we need to be prepared.

We can't relax because we need to brace for the next impact.

We can't relax because we may miss something which could become the next big thing to battle.

We can't rest because who will do it if we don't?

We can't rest because we can't turn off the worry like we do a TV.

We can't rest because we need money, help, solutions, answers.


You can release the assumption that the next shoe that drops falls because of you. It's not your fault. It's a disease's progression. It's a part of life. Some parts of life simply cannot be prevented.

You can release the hold you keep as you brace. You have wisdom, tenacity and resilience. You will be impacted. And, you will cope. You will because you already do.

You can release the pressure to predict the future. You can't know what's coming which is why you can remain fully present now to manage the best you can.

You can release the belief that you must do it all. You can do more with more hands. Receive to remain strong.

You can release a worry by making a plan. With a plan, you take care of the worry.

You can release the urge to take it all on yourself. Know that your faith and your support here wants you to have all that you need. Believe in our support and believe that you deserve the miracles.

Rest in our belief in you. We see you and know you do so much. Know we see you achieving not failing. Know we see you accomplishing not floundering. Know we see you making a difference every day. You do so much. You deserve a few moments every day to rest in knowing your good work matters. And, sometimes, your good work needs a rest from your worry and stress to keep going. Your good work continues, even as you close your eyes.

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