A Caregiving Comfort: Release


A Caregiving Comfort: Release

You can feel like you're on hold.

It's like you're sitting in your comfy chair, phone in hand. You're holding.

Really, you're waiting. You're waiting for the worst to happen so you can get on with it. You're waiting for the sun to show up and take over those dark clouds. You're waiting for someone -- anyone -- to read your mind.

During caregiving, the hold can feel as exhausting as a long run. When we're on hold, our bodies remain cemented in place while our worries run away with our peace of mind.

How do we manage the hold?

We release.

We let go of waiting. We decide to live in this moment which means we get up and go for it. We ask for help. We receive it with grace and gratitude. We write, we connect, we share, we tell the truth, we think outside the box, we try another option. We move.

This life may be a hard life but it's our life. We can't live a life on hold. We deserve a life on track to fulfill and nurture us.

It won't be easy but we've already been through hard. Look how far we've come. On hold, we stay in what will become our hardest place.

We're in the comfy chair but our life isn't there. Let's hang up on the life that puts us on hold. Let's get up and live the life we need. Let's live.

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